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Browser view suggestions

Hi: I'm a longtime still shooter and recent (6 years) video shooter. I love Kyno for my workflow, not for the least reason that it reminds me of a great still browser called Photo Mechanic. 

In your contact sheet view, it would be so good if you could simply add a little box to  check if the clip is a select or a reject, and then have an option to "view selects" or "view others". 

Photo Mechanic does this and it is a godsend for quickly marking the acceptable files. You've got the Star rating, but honestly, how do I know what's a 5 star from a say, 3 star, when I begin to scrub the footage? 

What I'd want is simply a way to tag all the keepers and identify the ones I don't want to transcode or import into FCPX. In addition, it would be great if you could make the selected clip more bold...have the whole slide area go a color, not just the skinny border try finding your selected clip that way on an 11" MacBook Air on an airline red eye flight....very hard to see. 

I've attached a screen shot of Photo Mechanic to illustrate what I mean. Thanks for listening and thanks for a great product. 


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YES!! this will be brilliant!

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