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ProRes 422 1080p from Odessey7q slow or unresponsive playback.

These are slow motion clips conformed to 24p. I've had no issue with these files until today and 4k ProRes still plays fine. Strangely they worked in beta version (I'm on windows)  Files play fine in external player.   This is really mucking up my workflow.

Any suggestions?  I could really use a fix.

Hi John,

Sounds weird, especially if it used to play back fine. Did you run an update of Kyno in between? Is it immediately hanging when you launch Kyno or only after some time of using it? It may help if you could send us a feedback report (Help - Send Kyno Feedback...). This will send us your logfiles which may contain hints as to what the problem is. 

I've been having issues playing back UHD ProRes422 files in Windows Kyno from my Ursa Mini Pro recently. Mine are 23.976 and I've watched a ton of other prores footage from this camera before, but now windows kyno is basically unusable for me. It's weird cause it's not using a ton of resources, disc speed, etc. It's like it's just hanging for some reason.

Normally ProRes should playback fine. Could you send us one of the clips to to samples<at> using or something similar?

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