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Read Blackmagic Shot/take/reel metadata.

Could you make Kyno Read the metadata that you can enter on the Range of Cameras from Black Magic. BM Cameras allow you to enter meta data on the fly and add last good take Info. Resolve reads this meta data but File management in resolve is well.... Awful. So If kyno could read this metadata that would be something that Blackmagic Camera Users are crying for!

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We have that on the radar and will look into it pretty soon. Cannot promise the exact release yet, though but not so far in the future.

That would be sooooo Awesome! Rather than sitting for an hour updating Metadata on each and every file so we can batch rename footage it would be awesome to input on camera, have it auto increment for takes and scenes etc as we shoot and automagically batch rename in Kyno back at the studio! I know that you would make a tonne of folks happy with that!

Meta data + BM Raw is doing a great job. I used to use Kyno for review tagging and transcoding. Sadly Kyno doesn't help any more on this.

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