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Issues pulling in thumbnails and program crashing

Almost every time I use Kyno on my PC it fails to pull in all the thumbnails in a folder I open (with drill down checked). It’ll sometimes show all the files but with only a 1/3 of the thumbnails. Often it only shows a fraction of the files total— sometimes with no thumbnails at all. It’s rare that I don’t have to force close the program. I don’t know what might be wrong on my end. I’ll list my system environment below as best possible. (This happens with only Kyno running and no other programs open.) I tried increasing the page file from auto to 4X the original size, and I’ve tried clearing the history in Kyno, rebooting, et al., but nothing seems to work. I’m also on the latest build. I keep my computer really clean and up to date. I only connect to the Internet to update programs. I have the following installed: Davinci Resolve, Sony Browse, CameraBag3, Privazer, Film Convert... and some other small, seemingly harmless programs. Win 10 Pro Windows Defender (no other antivirus or anti malware programs installed) i7-3770K, 32GB RAM, Samsung 850 PRO and 840 PRO SSD’s, GTX1070, and a sound blaster card (don’t know what model)
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Hi Tyson, 

My apologies for the problems you're having with listing your files. Your machine should be more than adequate for the task, so there must be something else going wrong. Sometimes it's a special kind of file format that causes problems. We've received the feedback report you've sent and we'll analyse the problem and get back to you. Thanks for reporting!


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