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Suggestion of improvement of Kyno

I find the Kyno software very functional and very promising.
I have been a recliner for 20 years and I have a huge stock image. I was looking for a preformant software to view more than 5000 rush video on my hard drive.
I just tested Kyno and I find it great.
I allow myself some improvement suggestion for this software to become perfect for my use:
- for the visualization of the media, it will be very productive to have a window with the thumbnails of the media and another (detachable for use on several screens) to visualize this media. it is to avoid going back between the different windows and thus to save time.
- check boxes to select the media
- the ability to select keywords by check box and import and export a list of keywords via an excel type file (such as lightroom and bridge). Again to save time.
- and the supreme function will be to have a color calibration function for the videos, which will allow to calibrate rushes in Kyno and export them directly. I do underwater video and all the rushes are obligatory to calibrate.
I know that this function is very complicated but will be a great help.

Congratulations to the whole Kyno team


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HI all

I agree your suggestion and in my workflow I need the possibility to chose resolution also with portrait (2160x3840) wen I work with pics to import in fcpx.

Best regards


Maybe i just haven't found it yet.. but the ability to offload footage with checksums would be a great benefit. Like this - 

i would had to this :

-Preview scrubbing with the mouse direct on the thumbnail video.

-Also, we would love have an button to activate/deactivate the info panel on the right with the "Symbols View" (Default Mode of display). So we can have direct access to Metadata and Content Tab without double-clicking on the media.

Thank you

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