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ProRes RAW

Is support for the ProRes RAW file scheduled?

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Hi Enrico,

We're planning on adding ProRes RAW support to Kyno as soon as Apple makes an SDK available. To early to tell when that'll happen, we're in close contact with them and we'll surely make an announcement when we're ready, so keep an eye out for news.

Cheers, Thomas

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Turns out Compressor does a good job of converting ProRes Raw into other formats ... which also seems to support render farms and GPU acceleration ... I hadn't even thought of using Compressor until today 

Is there any update on this?

We're actively working on it and plan on releasing it in Kyno 1.9 :-)

Great! When is the estimated release date, roughly? 

Not yet, it depends on a few things, probably still a few months away. Shall I put you on the beta list?

Yes, please do, would be great to try ProRes Raw.

Will anamorphic de-squeeze playback be incorporated as well?

Sound syncing? (If audio was recorded separately)



I replied via direct email

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I’d be happy to beta too. Have recently switched from Mac to Windows and am looking forward a better ProRes RAW workflow that doesn’t involve Adobe Jon


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 Hey Thomas,

could you please put me on the beta, too?

I'd love to try prores raw support!

Same for me, the addition of Blackmagic Raw really helped my workflow, so i´m eager to test Prores raw support aswell!

You're on the list! We'll inform you when there's a beta (may still take some time)

Ahh ok thanks. Just checking I hadn’t missed something important :)
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