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ProRes RAW

Is support for the ProRes RAW file scheduled?

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You're on the list! We'll inform you when there's a beta (may still take some time)

can I also be on the beta list? will we be able to play but also slice up prores raw into smaller prores raw clips so its easier for storage unlike with braw we can play it but can't slice it into smaller braw clips we have to convert it to something else. I would love the option to keep it in the same file type just to slice into smaller clips for storage and flexibility 

You're on the list!

Regarding the slicing of RAW clips (or subclipping in Kyno-lingo) - I'm afraid that won't be part of the initial ProRes RAW feature release, but we'll look into it for the future. Can't promise anything yet.

Ahh ok thanks. Just checking I hadn’t missed something important :)

Hi, Any update on 1.9 and ProRes RAW support?  Is KYNO still in Development?

Would Love to be a Beta tester as Well!

Signiant Inc. acquires Lesspain Software

"Our talent and technology will be used to extend the functionality of Signiant's market-leading Software Defined Content Exchange (SDCX) SaaS platform, adding powerful tools for interaction with media assets."


Is the 1.9 beta version Out ? I need to play prores RAW Files on Kyno standard. Please share the link to download beta version. Eagerly looking forward to it.

Hi Thomas any chance you can put me on the list for the beta version, will like to try the Pro Res Raw capabilities. Cheers

I know this might not be the right place but I don't see responses anywhere else, h.265 encoding doesn't work on the new m1 Macs it just produces an audio file

any news on ProRes RAW support? 

You're on the list!

Canon RAW will come soon as well, demand seems to be high :) it won't make it in 1.9, but we'll do our best

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