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ProRes RAW

Is support for the ProRes RAW file scheduled?

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Hi Thomas,

Please, put me on the beta list as well.



Done :)

any news on ProRes RAW support? 

Hi Thomas,

I just got my Panasonic S1H and would love to test ProRes raw in Kyno.

Is it still possible to signup for ProRes Raw Beta?

Thank you so much!


Hi Thomas,

Did the beta already go out? I saw you mention January, just checking to see if I did not miss it by chance. Hope all is going well!



I'm afraid not yet. Due to the recent acquisition of Kyno the 1.9 release was delayed quite a bit and we haven't finalized timings. Rest assured though that 1.9 beta will come out and we will announce it on this channel.

Oh dear. I had missed news of the acquisition but this worries me. I have yet to see an acquisition go well for end users or application development. There is a long list of apps which have been destroyed by eager conglomerates that want the technology and subvert it to promote their brand/services without actually thinking of the end user or existing customer base. Time to start looking for an alternative? That’s really bad news I suspect :( Shame this wasn’t open sourced :( Congrats on the sale and all that, I’m sure from your standpoint this is great news and you deserve to be rewarded financially for all your hard work over the years, I’m just afraid that this is going to spell the death knell for our workflows and/or wallets :(

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I know this might not be the right place but I don't see responses anywhere else, h.265 encoding doesn't work on the new m1 Macs it just produces an audio file

I would love to be added to the beta list for ProRes raw. Our new feature doc will be shot partially in ProResraw.

Is the 1.9 beta version Out ? I need to play prores RAW Files on Kyno standard. Please share the link to download beta version. Eagerly looking forward to it.

Is there any update on the ProRes Raw front yet? Really need a transcoding solution with access to metadata..thanks!

Hi, Any update on 1.9 and ProRes RAW support?  Is KYNO still in Development?

Signiant Inc. acquires Lesspain Software

"Our talent and technology will be used to extend the functionality of Signiant's market-leading Software Defined Content Exchange (SDCX) SaaS platform, adding powerful tools for interaction with media assets."

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