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Thumbnail Scrubbing/Playback

Feature Request:

Ability to scrub a thumbnail to scan through movies, even if its limited amount of key frames

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Was just about to post about this as well, would love this to be implemented! Would further help save time and organizing clips from the grid/symbol view.

I just installed the trial a few minutes ago and popped in here for this same question.  Scrubbing seems extremely slow, I think....but now I'm seeing there's not thumbnail scrub?

Same things here. Would love to see this in the next update. it would save us a lot a time.

Also, we would love have an button to activate/deactivate the info panel on the right with the "Symbols View" (Default Mode of display). So we can have direct access to Metadata and Content Tab without double-clicking on the media.

Thank you

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I've made a few comments here, opened a ticket, and have read through the pages and --- I'm kinda thinking that support isn't really leading the forums here.  Except for customers asking questions or making suggestions, I don't see much going on here...

Sorry for being silent on this one for so long.

We will look into scrubbing because we agree that it would be super-useful but it is difficult to do the same than a system that requires an ingest does like Premiere or FCPX. It may be impossible technically to guarantee scrubbing with acceptable performance for any material (e.g. quickly scrubbing through a long-gop, 4k HEVC file will definitely not be doable without any kind of proxy). We definitely don't want to add a required ingest step because the fast and light-weight approach is a key feature but there might be compromises.

We'll look into it, but there's no ETA yet

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