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Thumbnail Scrubbing/Playback

Feature Request:

Ability to scrub a thumbnail to scan through movies, even if its limited amount of key frames

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Thomas: Any updates on when this will be implemented?

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I'm pretty sure they've been thinking about it for a couple of years, Mikael.

Honest, the lack of this one feature is the entire reason I did not purchase.  It was the feature I was seeking to help me organize videos.

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I agree skimming in thumbnails and setting in and out points (subclass) will help a lot with the culling process. In Final Cut Pro X it's possible to skim before import so Final Cut Pro X are not ingesting media it's only reading from the memory card or hard drive. So I should be doable... 

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Sorry.... one additional thought that just occurred to me.   Magix Software (German owners of Vegas Pro) have got scrubbing figured out and I believe they are quite open to partnerships.  Perhaps Lesspain could offer to do a "send to Vegas Pro" and Magix can help them with the scrubbing.   Again, probably a crazy idea...

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Same things here. Would love to see this in the next update. it would save us a lot a time.

Also, we would love have an button to activate/deactivate the info panel on the right with the "Symbols View" (Default Mode of display). So we can have direct access to Metadata and Content Tab without double-clicking on the media.

Thank you

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Agreed it's technically possible for most formats today and we're actively thinking about how to implement it in Kyno. Thank you for your feedback

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Thomas: It would be great if you could implement this soon since it really would help speed up the workflow. This is my number one priority. I think a lot of people would benefit from this. It could also be a dealbreaker for some that wants to start to use Kyno.

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Sorry for being silent on this one for so long.

We will look into scrubbing because we agree that it would be super-useful but it is difficult to do the same than a system that requires an ingest does like Premiere or FCPX. It may be impossible technically to guarantee scrubbing with acceptable performance for any material (e.g. quickly scrubbing through a long-gop, 4k HEVC file will definitely not be doable without any kind of proxy). We definitely don't want to add a required ingest step because the fast and light-weight approach is a key feature but there might be compromises.

We'll look into it, but there's no ETA yet

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Peter: Any update on the eta for skimming thumbnails?

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Dan, they are coming out with 1.8 fingers crossed.. I agree it should have been implemented a long time ago...
Given the recent interview at Provideo Coalition: it won't be in 1.8, and maybe never.  It seems that it is a very difficult feature to implement well when considering the wide range of footage types and computing power  (e.g. scrubbing 8K raw on a laptop) and the worry is that this could destabilize the software.

Personally, I don't think hover scrubbing is a very practical feature, but I do think being able to quickly "rough" browse your footage is very useful.  Perhaps there is a compromise solution such as having a medium sized low-res "extra" window for auto playback as one moves through the thumbnails, with JKL for higher speed playback when wanted.


Mark: When importing 8k red raw into Final Cut Pro X I can scrubb the footage little slow still workable. If it can be done in Final Cut Pro X surely it must be doable in Kyno... I'm not a programmer and I don't know how difficult it is to implement. 

The functionality that is important to me is to be able to quickly see all clips and be able to quickly decide what clips to keep. In my experience skimming or scrubbing through the clips are one of the fastest way...

I is possible to double clip on a clip and see fullscreen and go to next clip via the arrows. On ta Mac you can activate 3 finger for sliders which makes it easier to have a similar skimming functionality. Still you have to go back and forth to see the overview. It works but not the fastest way in my opinion...

Skimming/scrubbing in the overview of clips in a folder would be faster in my opinion. However we all have different workflows...

Hi Mikael, 

Final Cut and KYNO are very different programs owned by two vastly different size technology companies, so I am not sure you can make the logical connection.  However, I am basing my comments only on an interpretation of comments made by Lesspain representatives, so I may be wrong and they figure out how to do it.

I think you have pointed out the important element that wastes time when "rough" assessing footage: 

"you have to go back and forth to see the overview."   To clarify my suggestion, there would be a floating window on screen in addition to the multi-file thumbnail view and that window would display the contents of whatever file was selected.   But,  It is only a vague idea.  :)

Hi Mark 

I understand that KYNO and Final Cut Pro X are different programs and Apple probably have more resources than less pain for development... 

The floating idea is one idea and maybe the easiest to implement. Maybe the developer at KYNO has an even better solution let's... They have some great functionality within KYNO...

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