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Thumbnail Scrubbing/Playback

Feature Request:

Ability to scrub a thumbnail to scan through movies, even if its limited amount of key frames

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Same things here. Would love to see this in the next update. it would save us a lot a time.

Also, we would love have an button to activate/deactivate the info panel on the right with the "Symbols View" (Default Mode of display). So we can have direct access to Metadata and Content Tab without double-clicking on the media.

Thank you

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I've made a few comments here, opened a ticket, and have read through the pages and --- I'm kinda thinking that support isn't really leading the forums here.  Except for customers asking questions or making suggestions, I don't see much going on here...

Was just about to post about this as well, would love this to be implemented! Would further help save time and organizing clips from the grid/symbol view.

I just installed the trial a few minutes ago and popped in here for this same question.  Scrubbing seems extremely slow, I think....but now I'm seeing there's not thumbnail scrub?

Sorry for being silent on this one for so long.

We will look into scrubbing because we agree that it would be super-useful but it is difficult to do the same than a system that requires an ingest does like Premiere or FCPX. It may be impossible technically to guarantee scrubbing with acceptable performance for any material (e.g. quickly scrubbing through a long-gop, 4k HEVC file will definitely not be doable without any kind of proxy). We definitely don't want to add a required ingest step because the fast and light-weight approach is a key feature but there might be compromises.

We'll look into it, but there's no ETA yet

Hey, just chiming in with my 2c. 

Without scrubbing, which I assumed (mother of all f-ups) would be available as in Premiere AND setting in and out points to thumbnails (not preview) - again as per Premiere, the functionality of Kyno seems really limited - for me.

I've been looking for something that will allow me to start to catalogue over 5tb of footage spanning x265 all the way back to HDV.

Like OP said - this could be a limited number of frames, and maybe being able to choose how many frames per folder would speed this up, i.e. I'd only need a frame every second to review that continuous 30min shot in Vietnam, but many more for that ECU monologue.

IMHO I wouldn't mind ingesting - as scrubbing + In/Outs could ultimately save me hundreds of hours!

Without a quick way of reviewing, and setting IN & OUT to export subclips (GREAT Kyno functionality there) it seems I might be better off with Premiere? (ouch!)

If I'm missing something pls do let me know!

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