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Advanced audio track & channel mapping YAY... but

YAY very important

and almost no software on the market deals with this well

quicktime player 7.6 is dying!

Currently it has lost the ability to manipulate properly manipulate internal tracks in QT .mov files

and the current version of AVfoundation players often choke (incomplete atom errors)

so a few questions


can we get this functionality in the PLAYBACK mode

so that I can preview the audio before exporting?

track assignment on the fly?

and please to multiple devices

I have : internal audio (stereo), Blackmagic HDMI external (multi channel), and a firewire/usb MOTU device (5.1)

each are connected to different speaker systems to check audio quality


can we get track naming?

many post houses ask for very specific naming of the tracks


control of the TIMECODE TRACKĀ  in .mov files

QT 7.6 made it possible to insert and remove a TC track

and was often needed for playback on media players...

keep up the good work


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