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proxy re-link issue with re-named files

In Kyno I renamed many video clips. In the Premiere browser, the "name" field is now descriptive, like "cu face." I can see the original file name in the "file name" metadata field. 

My issue is in re-linking. I had confusion with external drive letter changing, so now trying to re-link many proxies. But the proxies use the descriptive names I added in Kyno, and when I select a clip in Premiere, right-click and choose "attach proxy," it shows the highlighted file with the original file name, but the proxy file I'm trying to re-link has the descriptive name. 

I know I can remake the proxies, but this seems like a problem, unless I'm not understanding how Premiere and/or Kyno works...does this make any sense? :P

Would appreciate any suggestions, including explaining to me how this is user error...

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...also realized my new file names are not always unique. So I have 001.mp4 and 002.mp4, and both of those with identical name (added in Kyno with "title" field) "cu face." My proxies are getting the descriptive name, so that's adding to the confusion. 

I guess I need to make sure when creating proxies, to make sure they are named after file names, and not descriptive metadata names created in the "title" field in Kyno (called "name" in Premiere).

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