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Terrible color rendering in jpegs

I regularly use Kyno to create a series of jpegs from my 4k video files so that I can deliver photos as well as videos to my clients. 

I've loved this feature and it has added a great boost to my workflow.  However, there is one huge problem - the color rendering in Kyno is terrible.  Kyno is outputting my jpegs as terribly flat, lifeless files with no color.  I've put these side by side with the original video files, and the resulting jpegs are less contrasty, much less saturated, and are very difficult to work on in Lightroom.  I'm outputting these at the highest resolution to be able to fix the color but they are still very difficult.

Has anybody experienced this and more importantly, has anyone found a solution?  Its bad enough that I'm considering finding an entirely different software and not using Kyno anymore.  



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Kyno exports without applying the selected lut. This may be your problem. In my setup the export is correct.

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