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A lateral list of thumbnails in the playback panel, for quick scroll and select clips

Hello. Excuse my English.

I am now testing Kyno. My idea is to use Kyno for managed all clips in my drives. Until now I have been using Sony Catalyst Browser (SCB), but I need anything more powerful.

But testing Kyno I missing a feature of Catalys Browser for me very important, a lateral thumbnails view (in vertical) when we are in playback (or review) panel. Now is necessary change between panels for to select clips that I want review: double click a clip in the clip panel or list panel and review in playback panel, go back to the clip panel, select other clip, double click for to playback, and go to repeat the process again again. A lots of click changing between panels and is very annoying.

On the contrary, with a lateral list of thumbnails in the playback panel, simply doing click in one thumbnail, this click is ready for playback, and you can scroll the full list of clips in a folder very quicky without leaving the panel. I great time saver for me.

Also, for me the clips selected in the clips panel are not enough stand out, the blue is very pale, an option for change this color would be welcome.

Well, I hope you find interesting this ideas.

Best regards

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