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Premiere Pro update 2019 - Kyno cannot send clips

My team and I updated the latest version of Premiere Pro (2019 or v 13.0). Since then, we can't send our clips to Premiere Pro anymore, because it seems to be working only with the 2018 version (12.1.2). We could re-download the last version of PP, but our Team Projects are now all converted to the latest version.

Is there any Kyno update scheduled soon? This is a feature we rely on, and right now we are kind of stuck.

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Yes, i also just figured this out and it's very annoying. Hope a update will be delivered shortly.

Here's the answer I got after I emailed them this issue:

"My apologies for the problems you’re having and thank you for reporting, we’ll look into it. If we can confirm a general problem with Premiere Pro 2019 you can expect a fix very soon.

As a workaround you could try exporting the clips to "Final Cut Pro 7 XML” by choosing “Export" instead of "Send to" and then importing that XML into Premiere? That’s essentially the same thing, just with a few extra clicks (not ideal but better than nothing at all…)"

Thanks David. I wasn't aware of this Final CUT approach, but it's working perfectly and is a good temp. solution until the Update is there.

And it's seems this export/import is faster than sending it directly to Premiere (whyever) :-)

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