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Icon view for unsupported formats

On the trial. Was about to plop down my wallet when I tried the "drill down" feature, until I went to grab some illustrator files for an After Effects project and saw that the folder appeared empty. While AI files are an essential part of many people's graphics workflow, I understand if previews of AI files isn't priority, as Kyno seems to be aimed more at editors and shooters. But can we at least be able to view the files as a boring old icon so that we don't have to jump back and forth between kyno and explorer/finder/bridge? 

Secondary request: I noticed I could drag files out of kyno into explorer, but not the other way around. Also noticed I can't just drag supported formats directly into After Effects. Are these options on the roadmap, or is it this strictly a Premiere / FCPX tool?

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I'm in the same boat. Kyno is super impressive and useful, but to show a folder as empty when it has useful media files in it feels like a mistake.

Illustrator and .psb files seem like they should be supported no matter what, as they are indisputably media files.

But I would also like to use Kyno to launch and manage project files such as those from After Effects and Premiere.

I respect the design intent to be a media management tool, not an alternative file browser. But it feels dangerously deceptive to make no indication at all that a folder contains files other than the ones Kyno can create pretty thumbnails for.

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