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how do I transfer metadata from one drive to another

I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to transfer metadata from one drive to another?

My workflow is that I transfer footage from my camera to a portable SSD drive. I would like to review and tag footage in Kyno.

When I get back home I transfer the footage to my main backup drive and delete the footage from the portable SSD drive. 

What I would like to know is how to transfer the metadata when I transfer my footage to the new backup drive



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Same question here. I should start adding metadata on my internal drive and then apply them to my files on the backup drive. 

How could I disconnect my internal drive?

Hey guys, quick question. How do I disconnect the drive, if the drive that holds the metadata is my macbook internal SSD? I'm trying to copy metadata from files within a folder on my internal SSD to the same files held on an external SSD but when I follow the steps above, the metadata doesn't copy over?



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Good point, Jim. We'll look at improving the matching behaviour. There are so many use-cases for this that it's hard to keep track of the possible frustrations such as the one you discovered.

The key step here (that took me a couple of hours of frustration to discover) is to disconnect the drive with the metadata before trying to link the XML file. With the original drive connected, Kyno would only allow me to locate and match one file at a time. After exporting the metadata from the original drive, eject it. Then, match a file. Kyno then figures out that all the other files in that XML should be matched to that location. 

I would suggest that dialog box with that reminder pop up during the match process. 

Hi Travis,

Great to hear you enjoy Kyno! What you describe is a common use case and there's a dedicated feature to export and import metadata for exactly that purpose. You can select a folder holding the clips with metadata, activate drilldown, then select all clips (Cmd-A in the "browser" on the right hand side) and choose Export > Metadata... This will generate an XML file with all the metadata.

Before executing the next step it's best to disconnect the drive with metadata and only plugin in the one you want to transfer metadata to.

Now select File - Import Metadata.. from the application menu and select the XML file. Kyno should open a reconnect-like dialog that lets you locate a file to import to, the rest of the files should be matched automatically.

If you can name both drives the same (i.e. the files are at the exact same patch in the system) the matching should work right away without locating and, if that's an option it's beneficial as it's extra reliable.

How many clips does the drive hold roughly?

Best, Thomas

Hello everyone,

I have duplicated footage to two drives. I've just purchased Kyno and started labeling clips on one drive - desktop - but already have every file (over 10TB) copied to another drive. 

These sidecar files...can I bring them over to a new Library and have them associate directly with the files on a different drive? Do I need to reconnect them like I would reconnect files in an editing project? 

Not even sure if this is the right way to ask the question but put simply, I would like to transfer the metadata from one drive to another without having to redo things.

Thanks a ton. Love the program.


Hi Josse,

Kyno stores its metadata in hidden folders next to the clips, similar to what Adobe does with XMP sidecar files (the folders are called .LP_Store). This makes it very collaboration and backup friendly as your metadata will travel along with your clips - just make sure to move/copy whole folders not single clips.

So in your case, after copying the files to your backup drive, when looking at the clips with Kyno, you should just see the metadata.

Let me know if that helps.



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