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how do I transfer metadata from one drive to another

I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to transfer metadata from one drive to another?

My workflow is that I transfer footage from my camera to a portable SSD drive. I would like to review and tag footage in Kyno.

When I get back home I transfer the footage to my main backup drive and delete the footage from the portable SSD drive. 

What I would like to know is how to transfer the metadata when I transfer my footage to the new backup drive



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Hi Josse,

Kyno stores its metadata in hidden folders next to the clips, similar to what Adobe does with XMP sidecar files (the folders are called .LP_Store). This makes it very collaboration and backup friendly as your metadata will travel along with your clips - just make sure to move/copy whole folders not single clips.

So in your case, after copying the files to your backup drive, when looking at the clips with Kyno, you should just see the metadata.

Let me know if that helps.



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