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support EXR

Kyno can't EXR images wich is an industry standard for VFX and animation movies

it would be great if Kyno could read them and in conjunction with image-sequence to mov this would be a very powerful addition to Kyno

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Thank you for submitting your valuable feedback. We'll definitely look at EXR support, but I can't promise you when exactly. First step will be displaying the image, second step playing image sequences in the player and transcoding to a clip. It's on the roadmap, stay tuned!

One question, would you be willing to provide us with a few sample files that we can test against? We don't need much, just the first few stills from a sequence or two. It's always good to have various real-world samples when developing support for a format. I can PM you upload destination details

Hi, anything new on support for open exr files? 

I´m a vfx freelancer, and if Kyno would support open exr sequences, which is kind of an industry standard, I´d be buying immediately



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