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Permanent clip rotation


I would like to be able to rotate my camera clips directly in KYNO. This can be done in Finder today (depending on what type of clip it is).

It's an essential part of my workflow as I have many clips from fixed cameras such as drones and action cams.

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I also noted that if I rotate the clip in Finder, the main file in KYNO is rotated, however the subclips thumbnails are not.

Thank you for your feedback. Being able to rotate clips sounds like a useful feature. So far we've refrained from modifying files, transformations are only done when converting/rewrapping to a new file, so we'd need to reevaluate that.

I presume you know about the rotation you can set in the view menu, but I understand that it won't help you as it's neither persistent nor can it be applied to multiple clips at the same time. Would it help if that's the case, i.e. the file isn't modified but it's just a persistent view setting that can be applied to multiple clips at once, much like LUTs?

Thanks also for the hint regarding the thumbnails, we'll look into that.

I think it is a good discipline, to maintain non-desctrucitve with the actual content. 

When I check the rotation that I have, it's part of the metadata and no "real rotation" of the actually encoded data. If KYNO could read and edit the metadata, I could perhaps be a path.

I have lots of movie clips that are upside down and would like to see a solution to better manage the clips. I don't necessarily have to have it permanently altered (i.e. destructive changes) however, I would like that Kyno "remembers" the rotation setting per video. 

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