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Exclude Folder(s) on DrillDown

We shoot dual-Codec on a number of our projects so we end up with identically named files in 2K and 4K.  We also shoot other B-roll and sound files and folder them alongside our 2K and 4K assets.  Turning on Drilldown is really nice EXCEPT it would be good to be able to click on the 2K folder and remove it from the drilldown. 

Since the files are identically named, it is easy to pick the wrong one and insert markers and metadata which then have to be manually inserted into the correct one.  This is painful unless you implement my other idea of either Linking media as duplicate or adding a copy/paste metadata option.

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Kyno 1.7 will sport a folder name filter that should do exactly what you need

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I tried to make this work - but without succes. Can you provide me with a tutorial how to do this?

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