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Copy/Paste Tags

When going through a large archive of footage, it's be great to be able to either save preset collections of tags that can be applied in batch, or if you could copy/paste tags from one clip to another.

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Kyno 1.7 will bring the copy / paste metadata feature which should do exactly what you describe. You'll just need to uncheck all the other metadata fields when pasting and it'll transfer the tags from one clip to another. Stay tuned as it'll be released within the next 2-3 weeks

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It is working now COPY PASTE TAGs?


I sell stock and If  I can tag my files 1 time for all stock sites it will perfect 


Yes, copy/pasting of tags is working in Kyno 1.7. Just copy a clip (Cmd-C) and choose Paste Metadata (Cmd-Alt-V).

You can also batch-assign tags by choosing "Tags...." from the context menu in the list/thumbnail view (or by pressing Cmd-T)

I finally found this post on how to copy and paste metadata. Without it I would never imagined that you have to use Cmd Alt V. This is really unintuitive. You just have to use contextual menus (right mouse click or on the top menu). We use dozens of programs and cannot remember what a determined shortcut does for every one of them. Only Davinci and Photoshop have hundreds of shortcuts but there is always a menu to do it. If not using software would be a nightmare. 

Hi Christian, there's a context menu item called "Paste Metadata...". Of course if you're looking to copy tags over from one clip to another that's not the most intuitive thing to look out for. We'll definitely look at improving the tagging ui so it allows easier copy/pasting

I finally found out. I think the thing that is confusing is the copy menu. Everyone has in mind copy as a way to copy a file and paste it somewhere. It is not intuitive thinking that copy is copying metadata. I think that the paste metadata is correct but the copy should also carry the word copy metadata. So a copy for file and a copy metadata would be self explanatory.

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