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Copy/Paste Tags

When going through a large archive of footage, it's be great to be able to either save preset collections of tags that can be applied in batch, or if you could copy/paste tags from one clip to another.

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Yes, copy/pasting of tags is working in Kyno 1.7. Just copy a clip (Cmd-C) and choose Paste Metadata (Cmd-Alt-V).

You can also batch-assign tags by choosing "Tags...." from the context menu in the list/thumbnail view (or by pressing Cmd-T)

It is working now COPY PASTE TAGs?


I sell stock and If  I can tag my files 1 time for all stock sites it will perfect 


Kyno 1.7 will bring the copy / paste metadata feature which should do exactly what you describe. You'll just need to uncheck all the other metadata fields when pasting and it'll transfer the tags from one clip to another. Stay tuned as it'll be released within the next 2-3 weeks

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