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Camera LUTs and Converting


Noticed an odd little quirk.

Original camera files were selected to have a Camera LUT applied for viewing in Kyno. The file was then Converted to ProRes and the camera LUT was set to be encoded during the convert via the LUT tab in the Convert window. When the conversion was complete, Kyno had automatically enabled the camera LUT to view the new file which already had the same LUT baked in. Is it possible to not have Kyno (or at least make it an option) automatically apply the viewing LUT of the original clip to newly created clip?

Or will it break anything else to Convert with whatever LUT settings are in the Kyno viewer?

Loving the application so far! Thank you for creating it!

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Hi Todd, Thanks for taking the time to report that quirk. It'll be fixed in the upcoming version 1.7 only a few weeks away!

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