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Collaboration in an ongoing production

How can an ongoing prodduction workflow happen?

We are having a 1 year production of a 4k-documentary.

The source files are with the director on a large raid and the proxies should be on the fcpx system of the editor.

they are countries apart.

Does KYNO write the metadata into the proxies?

Would a new imprt in FCP overwrite the old event,or could we delete the old event and only work with the new one without losing anything?

Any other possibilities?



Hi Wolf,

Kyno doesn't technically write the metadata into the proxies, but the metadata is copied to the destination in sidecar files. So for every file /Production/ there's a file /Production/.LP_Store/ As long as you transfer/copy/share the full folder /Production the recipient will be able to see the metadata in Kyno. Then if they send it locally from Kyno to FCPX the metadata will be sent to FCPX as well. Sending the same clip to FCPX with new metadata will just update the metadata in FCPX.

If the editor already has their copy of the clips you can even send the metadata only by exporting the metadata from the source (select all clips - context menu - Export - Metadata...), sending the resulting XML file to the editor and then import it again via Kyno - Import Metadata.

I recommend trying out your workflow with our 30 day trial. Kyno 1.7 will be released soon and will contain a few more options for metadata roundtripping, for example you'll be able to export metadata from FCPX and reimport it into Kyno.

Best, Thomas

Thank you for your quick response, we know that the data is written in sidecar files.

We are in the progress of trying out certain scenarios, but if the KYNO-Metadata are updated and merged that way, on majour task is completetd.
But what about audio?
We have found that KYNO seems not to support channel names for audio-clips, is that correct?

So, the audio engineer names multi-channel audio with names(boom, lav, etc.) and those seem not to translate to KYNO metadata.

When is it useful to sync audio? Either in FCP or "sync and links" external software to preserve the channel names and the convert it to roles.?



Correct, Kyno doesn't handle channel names currently. I presume you're talking about metadata contained in the files that the audio engineer has set. How would you expect the channel names to show up in Kyno? Would be helpful to see a sample file to think about ways we could handle that.

From what I understand Kyno won't be affected by anything that sync-n-link does as it only creates an FCPX XML file that in turn affects the FCPX library, but not the actual clip metadata. Maybe I don't fully understand the question..

Separate audio tracks in a multichannel recording are sometimes named by the sound engineer to quickly identify lav, ambient, interview (what else). These channels are also used in final cut and when you want for example all LAV1 tracks to be louder, one single press of a button makes that possible for all the tracks.
If kyno omits the track identifications, then that work needs to be redone in FCP. Bummer

Be well


Could you provide us with a sample file that has some named channels as you typically see them?

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