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File Date/Time used in Kyno

We only found that Kyno is using change-date and change-time as source to sort and display.
Isthere a way to include and/or change creation date/time, which would be more beneficial?

All the best


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A column in the list view for the "content created" date will come in Kyno 1.8 (we've actually renamed that field to "Date Recorded"). We'll try to add the naming variable as well.


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Oh yeah - I double that!

And is there any chance to rename the "created" and "last modified" with the "content create"-date.

It would be also a great plus if I'd have a "content create"-date variable in the rename section!


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Kyno 1.7 introduced the "Date Created" column in the list view (you need to right click on the table header to activate it) and we renamed the existing date column to "Date Modified".

@Christian not sure what you mean by renaming the "content create" date. We're considering to rename it to "Date Recorded".

Adding the content created date as a variable makes total sense, I'll forward it to the product team

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How to add multiple custom name in renaming

like this: 00001_abc_def_ghi_jkl_dateRecorded

You're right, not currently but we'll add a created date column very soon, thanks!

Hello Thomas,

as you can see in the screenshot in item view besides "last modified" and "created" there is an "content created" timecode, which i would like to use to sort and rename my files.

Hope, that helps to understand my problem.


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