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BUG: When you rename

and just replace a character, KYNO writes a new lpmd-file in lp_store and keeps the lpmd file of the old file and that stays in the database and shows up as missing file.

clearing cache and refreshing won't work, even in all the folders above.

Dangling lpmd-files shouldn't cause items to remain visible in the browser, it could be an unrelated issue. I have seen stale entries in the browser before but I don't have a reproducible case and it sounds like you have one that I can't seem to imitate on my machine. If it's not too much hassle a screen recording of what exactly you're clicking would probably help a lot. I had sent you the upload details, let me know if you've received them.

Yes, they are renamed properly, but if files are deleted from a folder, the lpmd-file stays and shows a missing file.
Unless you manually go through the hidden files and delete them as well manually, the empty entries stay with no way of re-loading the directory, or checking the precence of these files and saying that it is ok, that these files are missing.

All the best


Thanks for reporting! I can't seem to reproduce the error you describe, the lpmd files are renamed correctly. Would it be possible for you to make a quick screen recording (using Quicktime for example) showing the problem?

I'll PM you the details for our upload server

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