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Bug: Renaming Files

While working on a large project, I ran into a problem with the renaming function. When I try to rename files over four characters (ie 10,000), Kyno is mixing up the order of the numbers. 

For example, when I type 12345, the cursor jumps back while I am typing. So, instead of 12345, I get 12354. It happens every time I try to type a number larger than four characters. The video uses 'Number of Digits: 4' but it happens with even if I change the 'Number of Digits' to 5 or greater. Please see video for an example. 

*I created a support ticket for this several weeks ago, but haven't ever heard anything back. Hoping to have more luck in the forums*

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Chris, thank you so much for the detailed error report. That is indeed a bug that we'll look into very soon.

My apologies for not responding to the ticket, not sure what happened there.

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