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Show metadata in list view on Windows

I've been trying out the mac version and was just about to buy, but then tried out the windows version as my next laptop will be windows. The first thing I noticed is the windows version does not list the metadata in the list view. All it shows is an icon of a tag. I'm using the latest version

Is there a setting in the program which enables me to show the metadata in the list view? If not, is this something you will be adding real soon? I have a huge library to tag and it makes a huge difference to be able to see what metadata you have tag other videos without having to go into the view details window.



I just logged back in my mac and noticed I should have been displaying tags instead of metadata in the list view. I suspect If I had shown the tags column it would have listed my all the tags I have added to videos. 

Hi Adrian, you're right, the "metadata" column only shows icons - a quick visual indicator telling you whether and what kind of metadata was set on a clip. To see the actual tags you'd need to make the "Tags" column visible. In any case, there is no difference between the Mac and Windows versions in that regard, in fact the only real difference is that ProRes encoding support is missing on Windows - but that may come very soon ;)

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