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When converting videos from 4K to 1080p, I lose the metadata

Is there any solution to keeping the metadata (content created date) of the original 4K file to the converted 1080p with Kino?

Any way to do it?

Thank you in advance.

Oh yeah - I double that!

And is there any chance to rename the "created" and "last modified" with the "content create"-date.

It would be also a great plus if I'd have a "content create"-date variable in the rename section!

Yes, it would be good to just keep the Metadata that existed already in the File. 
After conversion a lot of metadata from the Alexa is gone. 
Or did I miss something? 

This needs to be cone for sure. Wrong "Content created" date makes it impossible to import the files in Lightroom and other software, because this date is DIFFERENT from real creation date of media file...

I would like to suggest a slightly modified feature request. I use Kyno to scrub through many hours of video created by constantly running action cameras. Labelling, tagging and later potentially exporting them into manageable sizes, I would appreciate a way to export the metadata pertaining to each of the subclips in the original media to the exported subclips. 

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