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Thumbnail Loading Speed

Love Kyno, but I really wish thumbnail loading was significantly faster. We have over 22,700 items in our main library, so I realize it's hard with that many clips, but in drill down mode in a specific folder (with maybe only 40-80 clips), I find the thumbnail loading painfully slow.

It also often incompletely loads the thumbs - I might step away from my computer for a minute, hoping that it'll load all the thumbnails while I'm gone, only to return, scroll down, and have it need to load more. 

That might be a performance choice, but I really wish at least one of those was an option (faster loading, or loading of all thumbs, even those out of view, when I step away). 

(also, for the record, I'm not talking about initial thumbnail generation. I'm talking about loading up thumbnails that have been in my library and in Kyno for months - ones I've looked at tons of times)

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