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Thumbnail Loading Speed

Love Kyno, but I really wish thumbnail loading was significantly faster. We have over 22,700 items in our main library, so I realize it's hard with that many clips, but in drill down mode in a specific folder (with maybe only 40-80 clips), I find the thumbnail loading painfully slow.

It also often incompletely loads the thumbs - I might step away from my computer for a minute, hoping that it'll load all the thumbnails while I'm gone, only to return, scroll down, and have it need to load more. 

That might be a performance choice, but I really wish at least one of those was an option (faster loading, or loading of all thumbs, even those out of view, when I step away). 

(also, for the record, I'm not talking about initial thumbnail generation. I'm talking about loading up thumbnails that have been in my library and in Kyno for months - ones I've looked at tons of times)


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Totally agree!  Browsing folders with R3D files is more or less useless as Thumbnail generation takes way too long and must be done while scrolling.  As you say, one cannot simply leave the folder open and go grab a coffee.  In order for this to be useful, folders need to be able to be scrolled quickly without waiting a few seconds per line for the thumbnails.

Other file types are quicker to generate thumbnails.  However, one of the amazing possibilities of Kyno is to be able to use it to manage one's whole database of videos and photos.  The fact that one can use "drill down" in conjunction with metadata and key words makes the app amazing for managing and searching all of these files.  But again, thumbnail generation using the drill down feature would be great if it happened in the background - not one by one as one scrolls.  This would make this app so much more useful.

I agree. This is my biggest problem with the software. It would be amazing to click and say "generate all thumbnails" for my entire library over the weekend. Maybe even generate "content" thumbnails for all clips (?).

I second this problem! We are trying out Kino for our huge video archive, and the slowness of viewing through folders - or the whole archive - is almost a deal breaker for us. And that is too bad - because the software is really great! :-) I hope this will be fixed ... ?

Have you tried the pre-analyze function?    Once done, the thumbnail fetches are nearly instantaneous even with very large sets of photos and videos. Plus, the new version runs pre-analyze as a background job so you can keep working. 

Mark Wilson I didn't know about the preanalyze function (Metadata->Preanalyze). I think that is the ticket!

Has there been any update on Kino's poor speed performance? Even just scrolling on a folder of 500 items are very sluggish and almost unusable. This is on a fully specced out M1 Max MBP. 

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