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NAS: Share metadata on the same NAS with various users

Hi there!

We recently added a NAS system in our workflow. After writing metadata from user A's computer in Kyno, user B and C are not able to see those medata in their Kyno. 

The NAS is connected directly in Thunderbolt and has the same IP address for every users. We set our metadata base on a shared folder (Dropbox). It used to work with a standard RAID drive.

The temporary solution we found is to export the metadata from computer A and to import it into B and C's Kyno. This is not really productive and we kind of get lost in which folders have the right medata and which have to be updated.

It's at the same time a feature request and tip request.

Thank you


Interesting. We work on a NAS and the metadata shares just fine between our editors. On the advanced tab, do you have the following settings identically on each computer?

  • Shared Cache Folder: (some location on the NAS)
  • Store metadata in: Hidden Directories (default)
The list of pre-populated tags (called "User-defined tags" in the preferences) when tagging don't seem to transfer between Kyno installations (we've had to do a tag list export/import from that preference pane), but the searchable metadata attached to the clips works just fine on multiple computers for us.

Thanks for you reply. Both settings are the same for the three computers. Both settings are located on Dropbox. Although the "Store metadata in " is not in Hidden Directories. It's in a dropbox shared folder.

It's weird though. Is your NAS over network or connected with Thunderbolt? 


Okay, since the only difference in our setups was the Store metadata location, I tried to change it for the same settings as yours.

Fortunately, it worked. I always thought I had to choose a shared repertory such as Dropbox to get the same metadata for every computers, but never realized that with Hidden Directories, the metadata are stock on the drive, with the rushes, therefore not needing to generate millions of files to sync with Dropbox.

Thank you for your insights.


Happy to hear you were able to get it to work, thank you @Connection Pointe Film!

I can totally understand your confusion regarding the "Store metadata in" setting, I can confirm that the default setting is totally fine for shared environments. The other ones are rather advanced options for when you don't want users to write those metadata files on a shared drive for example.

We're planning on making that option a bit easier to understand and on adding a warning that changing it can have unexpected consequences.


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