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Mavic 2 Clips won't play (v 1.6.2)

Anyone know if Kyno supports Mavic 2 Pro (drone) clips? They're 4K, h.265. Using Kyno 1.6.2 for now, my free update period is over, not sure if I'll pay for update or not, but this issue will help me decide.


Ah, it's not just Mavic clips, just realized no video clips are playing, I see the thumbnails for my clips, but when I playback with Kyno, I only hear audio, no picture. Including 2k clips. I would delete the OP, but don't see any way to edit or delete...

I'm on Mac, 10.15.1 (Catalina).

To run Kyno on macOS Catalina you need to upgrade to version 1.7 which was released on 2019-10-24

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