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BRAW support - reading files and adding tags

We are using more and more the new Blackmagic cameras, the BMPCC 4K and the Ursa G2 which both record in the new blackmagic raw format, .braw.

I'd love to be able to keep using Kyno to manage that footage.

Is this a feature you could add in the next update?

Thank you.

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BRAW support is coming very soon, can't give you a concrete date yet

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Any update on when Blackmagic Raw support will come along?  I will become a customer when it does!

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Bear with us, it's only a few weeks away, putting the final touches and planning the release currently

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Just updated. Still waiting for support. I'm starting a documentary project this summer and I'm really hoping to see it! Still using your product for some older projects. :)

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You'll definitely have it before summer ;-)

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We're actually sending out a private beta very soon, if you're interested in trying it out, just leave a comment here.


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Would love to have a look at that beta copy. 

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You're on the list!

Took the liberty to remove your email addresses from the posts. We can see them in your account, no need to post them publicly :-)

Sign me up for the beta please!

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Me too! ;)

I am also interested to participate in the BRAW beta.

I am also interested in the BRAW Beta Thank you!

If it's not too late, please send me the beta.  Thank You!

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