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BRAW support - reading files and adding tags

We are using more and more the new Blackmagic cameras, the BMPCC 4K and the Ursa G2 which both record in the new blackmagic raw format, .braw.

I'd love to be able to keep using Kyno to manage that footage.

Is this a feature you could add in the next update?

Thank you.

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Ready for Beta...

Email sent - the final release is going to happen very soon :)

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I realize i might be a bit late, but if it's still possible i would love to be invited to the beta for this!

As you've probably all seen BRAW support has been released this week with Kyno 1.8. Thank you all for your input and beta testing, we appreciate it!

Hi Guy's, 
Congratulations on the release of Kyno 1.8!
I've been keeping my eyes on you but the lack of BRAW support was a dealbreaker for our workflow.
I am very happy that you support BRAW in this version.
So much so that we've just ordered 6 licenses for my team to start implementing Kyno into our workflow.

However, I do have some feedback and I'm looking for the best way to communicate it.
One of my most important pieces is about BRAW support. Thats why I add it here.

(When) will Kyno be able to recognize the (Reel, Shot, take) info that I'm adding in camera.
We spend a lot of time adding metadata into the camera on-set so we can hit the ground running in Resolve. Somehow, Resolve recognizes that metadata, Kyno does not.
(see screenshot)

Keep up the great work!
Kind regards, 

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