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Rename or Replace Metadata Tags

I think Rename or Replace Metadata Tags is very important when type metadata incorrect and assign it to several files 

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Thank you for your feedback. The difficulty here is that there is no inside/outside of Kyno, so we could only offer it for the currently visible/selected clips (other clips with the wrong tag name may not be connected currently). The workaround for now is to select the clips, select Edit Tags... from the context menu (or press Ctrl-Shift-T), remove the old tag and add the new one.

You can remove the old tag from the list of known tags in Preferences - Tags. This will not remove the tag from any clip, just from the list of known tags, it may reappear if Kyno encounters the old tag at a later point.

We'll think about ways to make this more convenient.

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Hi Thomas i think you must add new tag first before remove the old tag because when you delete the tag first you lose the selections , then remove the old .

so i see putting the replace tag option even only for the selected clips can protect the user from that mistake.

Best Ahmed

You're right, I agree it would be a useful feature.

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