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Show audio wave forms for both audio and video


Can you add show audio wave forms for both audio and video to your feature list? This would be very helpful to find the places in a video or audio such as an interview or if there is a clap for syncing clips. Would also be good to have the ability to be able to configure the size of the waveform. 

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Thanks, we do have that on our list and we're actually already working on it :)

What exactly do you mean by configurable size? Basically being able to zoom in to a certain time window?

In Final Cut Pro X for example you can change how big or small the audio wave form is in relation to the video or if you only want to see the wave forms (video) . This makes it easier to find and be precise where things start in the wave forms like claps, on someone starts talking etc Here is how it works in Final Cut Pro X
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