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Quickly export chapters with intro/outro and copy chapter time code with title name for youtube.


When I have a longer video of a lecture, class a tutorial etc. I would like to quickly export the sub clips from chapter markers and get the time and title to add for youtube. As well as adding intro with text from sub clip title and outro through a “combine template”.

This will help saving time when repurpose the content. Repurposing content will be more and more important especially for video...

I could use sub clips but as soon as I add a sub clip the range disappears and I have to set the last out point as my in point manually.

Having chapter markers would make it possible to let Kyno do the job and set in point from the start of the video and the first chapter (c1) marker as an out point create a sub clip and I could name it. The second chapter marker (c2) will use C1 as an in point and c2 as an out point create a sub clip and I could name it. And so on...

Ii Kyno creates all the sub clips from chapter markers I could easily export the chapters as sub clips. 

When I have all these sub clips from the chapter markers I could export and/or copy the info of time and title text to easily add that to my youtube video.  And the viewers could easier find what they are looking for. The chapter info will only be added once which will save time.

Would be great to have the option on adding handles and set the length of the handles if I needed to add transitions in the nle.

Another thing that would be really handy is to have a “combined template” in Kyno. This means I choose the intro (video or image) and outro (video or image) in the the template. Alternative for intro is using the text from the title of the sub clip, positioning it in the frame and and choose an image as a background with the possibillty with adding a dissolve transition. This means I can do it all in Kyno and don’t have to round trip to my NLE. A real time saver.

I will also be able to search for the chapters (sub clips) later and easily find it and only have to enter meta data once.

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Thank you, that sounds like an interesting workflow. I'll try to break it down into separate features:

1) Export subclips from markers rather than subclips, e.g. a clip with two markers would result in 3 subclips being exported start-m1; m1-m2; m2-end

Interesting idea, I'll discuss with the product team. It's not difficult to implement, we just have to decide whether that's something we want to add.

2) Add intro and outro when transcoding

Something we've had on our list for a while and definitely a direction we want to take, can't tell you when we'll implement it yet. I've passed on notes about being able to define an image and transitions as well

3) Add text overlay when transcoding

Also something we'll definitely add as it's not the first time we hear it. Being able to add that overlay in an intro/outro adds some complexity in the UI.

4) Add handles when transcoding subclips

This is already possible in the transcoding dialog under container settings - you can specify the number of seconds to add

All in all not a small thing to implement so we'll have to make the product decisions about this first, thank you for your input


Thanks for your response. Some new thoughts...

1 In Final Cut Pro X you have markers and you have chapters markers. If I export a video with chapters markers the chapters show up in QuickTime (easier to navigate) for example or if you want to burn a dvd with chapters. There are programs that can split a video by chapter markers.

I think this (1) could be split into three parts:

1.1 Export subclips from markers or chapter markers if you add them as you described

1.2 Add Chapter markers (or markers if you don’t want to add chapter markers) and be able to create subclips from the markers so you can add meta data. If you do this you could use the subclips title as an overlay varaible and data only need to be entered once.

If a video file already have chapter markers show them in Kyno as markers or chapter markers so subclips can be created from the markers/chapter markers as 1.2.

1.22 If Kyno could read chapters in an wave file and mp3 file then audio subclips could also be exported. Great for podcasts where a chapter needs to be used as separate file. Forecast for example can read markers from Logic Pro X and show the time  and the marker title from Logic Pro X. Unfortunately Forecast can’t split audio files by chapter... Probably lower priority. Since podcasts are being more popular and repurposing will be more and more important this could be on the roadmap...

1.3 Be able to copy subclip title and time stamp to paste it in the youtube description for easiers navigation for youtube viewers. By doing this i only have to enter the meta data once...and it speeds up the workflow.

2 Great that you have thought about this already

3 It would be great if varaibles like title, subclip title etc could be used for text overlays to automate the process.

4 Thanks I found were I can add handles when transcoding

Keep up the good work! 

Hi Thomas Any news on this one? Best regards, Mikael
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