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Be able to see offline media and documents


I would like to have the ability to see media and documents on hard drives and ssd drives that are offline. This will make it easy to find media on those drives when they are not connected. I understand that to do this you must ingest it to Kyno and to create small proxies and create a database. Keyflow Pro does this but Keyflow can’t just look at the folders as Kyno. Another program that also does this is Neofinder although you can’t watch the videos like Keyflow Pro. Sometimes I also want to see offline documents on old backups.

I would like to have it all in one program... Kyno

Keep up the good work! 

All the best,


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So excited at the idea of adding this feature to Kyno!

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Not the first time we hear that and not unlikely that we go into that direction because it'd make a lot of sense. There are no concrete plans yet, we'll keep you posted :)

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