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Be able to zoom in on the playbar to easier find in/out points in long video or audio clips

If I choose a 1 hour clip and want to make a 15 second sub clip it’s really hard to see since the “playbar” is showing the whole hour. I would like have way to zoom in on the “playbar” to easier se the in and out points on long videos. Today it’s only possible to zoom in on the video but not the “playbar”.

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Not sure we'll go there, we'll definitely try other improvements to navigate a clip better first, like scrubbing on mouse movement, better JKL support etc. But we'll keep it in mind, thanks!

Even with shorter clips it will help to see the range if zoom in/out were available for the playbar in Kyno. In Final Cut Pro X for example you can zoom in/out on the timeline easier trim clips among other things...

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