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Right click menu for sub clips doesn’t show when using ctrl + tap on trackpad


Secondary click menu for sub clips doesn’t show when using ctrl + tap on trackpad. It works when pressing with 2 fingers.

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I'm unable to reproduce that, the context menu opens with Ctrl-Tap on my MBP. Is this always the case for you or was it maybe a temporary state? I presume you mean the context menu that allows Play, Edit etc. on the subclip

Tried it again and I can't get the context menu to show when I use ctrl + tap on my trackpad on a sub clip the context menu doesn't show up. Works fine in Finder but not in Kyno. I use Catalina 10.15.2. Strange that it works at your end what OS X version do you use?

That's really strange, I'm still on macOS Mojave. Could you send us a feedback report (Kyno - Send Kyno Feedback...)? This will send us your log files which may contain some information about the problem.

Really strange. Just tried it again and it works now...

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