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Kyno for iPad (IOS)


Sometime when I’m on location or would like to travel light I only have my iPad. Today there are no good manager apps for video etc on IOS. More and more people will start using a iPad as there only editing hardware or as a complement to their Mac.

It would be great to be able to have some of the features on IOS (ipad) if not all. Such as:


Copy with checksum

Rating and adding meta data

Create subclips

Skimming thumbnails and subclips for faster culling

If you could do this on a external SSD or HDD then I could just copy the files and all the rating, meta data etc is already done when I start editing on my mac or if I edit on my ipad. LumaFusion that many people use on iPad will have xml export support soon according to them which will help as well. Lumafusion have limited meta data support etc. Thats where Kyno comes in.

I have a Gnarbox 2 while it helps with the copying, verfification and folder structure it hasn’t any support for meta data for vidoe etc. Gnarbox 2 is using software for culling photos from Photo Mechanic in there selects app. Unfortunately they don’t have a god way of culling/selecting and adding meta data do video. I think an IOS version of Kyno would be great together with Gnarbox 2 and/or as a stand alone app.

Keep up the good work! 


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This would be extremely helpful

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