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We need audio-waforms urgent !

It´s a torture to work with audio in Kyno. Please: less pain !

Wir benötigen dringend Audiowellenformen, um Audiodateien besser zu sichten !

Wäre toll, wenn Sie das bald implementieren würden !

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Yes Arthur, we are still waitng!! I did an audio only interview with some camera -shy farmers, About 90 mins total to get what I wanted. They were ok off camera, but selcting sound bites from it in Logic or ProTools was pain. We need to see the waveform in KYNO.....

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Still waiting for Waveforms...

100% need to add this in future releases

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I agree that Waveforms is an important addition.

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Yes to be able to see audio waveforms would be very useful. Doing sub clips  on say a ZOOM non synched track would be a lot easier if you could see the waveform.

Otherwise KYNO is great and saves so much time going through stuff.

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