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What to do with XMP files imported from Sony alpha camera?

Newbie question here . . . 

All 4K video files from my Sony A7Riv come with their own separate .XMP file. I have no idea if the file has important data in it or if it's the kind of thing that would get recreated automatically from the .MP4 within Kyno. Anyway, I don't see any option to import the .XMP files into Kyno, because Kyno doesn't appear to see text files.

So should I be saving these files somewhere else, separately? Forcing Kyno to reckon with them somehow? Or should I have flipped some menu item somewhere in the camera so that the .XMP data is attached more directly to the .MP4s?

Would appreciate any explanations of the role of these .XMP files on camera export (are they duplicative of data in the .MP4s?) and whether Kyno simply recreates them or somehow needs them and if so how I would get them into it?

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