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Better highlight on select; save filters

Love the software, I have two requests: 

1. Can you please do something to amplify the highlight in the gallery view on which file is selected? It is so faint, and I already find myself cursing my fate and having to search through it with my less than perfect eyes. A setting to customize this would be ideal, but it needs to include something much brighter and bolder, or at least do something like what Lightroom does, highlighting the entire selected cell.

2. I would love to be able to save filters to quickly recall specific sets of clips.

Pardon me if these are repeat requests ... I've looked through the forums and didn't see either.

Thank you.

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I'd also like and/or filters. I just realized the only option is to stack filters, which doesn't always get me what I want.

I'd like all 3 of these too...

Would be great to be able to make the font bigger also.

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