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Better keywording tags

One of the most important features of any solution for browsing and finding multimedia files is tagging or giving keywords, much more that finding by date,file size,...... and I think there is still lot to improve in Kyno. 

When you tag if you use commas you get a whole line of tags and I think it should separate them as individual tags .At the same time when you export they should be separated by commas because the vast majority of software accepts keywords this way. Kyno is weird in this regard.

It would be great if categories could include keywords . For example Cityscape could include city,skyline,buildings,view,panoramic etc. This would make tagging much faster.

Automatic orthographic corrector at least in english. When we write on keywords misspelled words are quite common. A corrector like this message box underscoring in red would be great.

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Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it. We'll keep it in mind and tagging will definitely see some of the improvements you mention. Thanks, Thomas

Thank you Great to hear that. This and Blackmagic raw support is really something I am looking for. But your software is truly amazing. Very fast and stable, transcoding options are great. I hope it gets more known among video users as it is a well worth investment.

Thank you for the kind words! BRAW support is coming very soon

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