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exporting sub clips at highest quality


I'm scrubbing videos but am a novice with output. I m creating and tagging subclips (wish subclips were searchable...!) and want to export the subclips in as much as original quality as I can.

What is an export option that allows me to keep the file exactly the same without recoding?

Thank you!

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Depending on the input format you may be able to rewrap to MOV or MXF which would be completely lossless (it just copies the audio/video streams to a new container). Note that this may not work/fail for some formats, so it's best to try it out.

If you need to re-encode it depends on various factors. If you're trying to save disk space and encoding speed is not a concern HEVC may be a good choice (lossy, but you can set it so that it's barely/not noticeable); if disk space is less a concern and you want to prepare your footage for editing ProRes is a good option.

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