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searchable subclips

 I need to be able to search all the subclips on my drive for tags. this seems to be a crucial function for searching my subclipped files.

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We're planning on making subclips "first class citizens" in the search results but I can't say when that'll be implemented. The subclips titles and descriptions are already searched though, so a clip may be in the result because there's a match in one of its subclips (you just won't see which one).

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FWIW, this is a BIG issue for me.


PS. Please note that I just downloaded the Kyno 1.8 30-day trial...

I'm not quite sure if this is what you mean - but my version of this feature request is:

I would like subclips to be able to have their own tags. 

I would also like them to be showable with their own thumbnail - maybe as a Subclip view option.

Just like in FCPX, where you can mark several favorites section in a clip, and afterwards turn on "Show favorites". That gives you a thumbnail overview of all your favorites (like subclips).

This is very usable if you are logging documentary material, and you had your camera running for a long time, and within one clip, there are actually several different clips.

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The subclilps should also include the Notes field that is present with FCPX Keywords.  

  Our team has noticed that when you import a fcpxml into Kyno and go back to FCPX, that the notes data and relevant tagging is maintained, but is not viewable in Kyno.

This would be important for us, because we use Transcripts for our interviews where the transcript is entered as a keyword range were the notes field contains the actual dialogue.  (this is part of a mostly automated process using the "Builder" app.

Having this would make transcripts available in Kyno.

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