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Help Kyno Premium (Enterprise)

I'm hoping someone from Kyno can answer this or at least someone that has Enterprise seats.

My client is close to purchasing 5 seats. Does this version have the ability to update all seats that are connected to a server? If metadata changes are made on one seat, do the others update automatically to stay consistent? How does it work?


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Great to hear! Yes, the functionality you describe that allows users of Kyno to collaborate on media on shared storage, cloud drives such as Dropbox and Google Drive or simply on external harddrives is available in all editions of Kyno. This is built into the core of Kyno and possible due to the way Kyno stores metadata. It's stored in hidden files next to the original media and is thus available to everyone working with Kyno. There's no central database or anything. By the way, that makes it very backup friendly as well, just make sure you back up hidden directories and the metadata will be backed up and restored along with your media.

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