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LIghtroom Synergies with Kyno?

I've been a Lightroom user since it was released and now have over 100,000 files in my LR catalog.....but only about 5k are video files.  Some of those are tagged and in the right spot physically on my HD, many are not. I have another 3K video files NOT yet in LR...just on a HD.  I've downloaded Kyno trial as a possible solution to help as Lightroom, as much as I like, is clunky with video.  I'm a lightweight Premiere Pro user also but LRR is my DAM.    I'm wondering 2 things (so far).  1) If I use Kyno to do some tagging, rating and file name changes of files NOT currently in Lightroom, is there a way to have LR pull that metadata into its catalog? 2) If I change a file name in Kyno, and/or maybe add a tag, to a video file ALREADY in LR, can I import those changes into the LR catalog and if so, can if overwrite what's already in LR?  I guess the simpler way to ask it is, can LR import the work I've done in Kyno? I know it works with PremPro but I'm trying to keep LR as my primary DAM and use Kyno to assist with better workflow and video handling. Thanks in advance.!

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The best analysis

I'd love to see the same Smart Collections approach that Lightroom has, available within Kyno.  Ideally, you'd have virtual workspaces, similar to how a Smart Collection in Lightroom works, where footage that meets the criteria for that workspace appears.

Have you tried importing your LR photos into Kyno? I'm struggling with the flip side of your issue. I'd like to use Kyno as my DAM for photos AND videos but can't figure out how to import the LR keywords into Kyno.

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