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Keep folder structure from sourde in photos


It's been hard for me to keep the source folder structure when i'm exporting photos (convertir por lotes in my spanish version). 

When I export video, there's no problem but with fotos there's no way. I choos the option to keep folder structure and it exports all the photos in the destination folder, without making the folder structure.

I attach my version. I checked and it's the last one.


(42.7 KB)

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Thank you for reporting this, we'll look into it!

Thanks. For me and my work it's very important this feature to export video/photo databases.  Was planning to purchase the program to replace lightroom butthi makes it hard. Jeep in touch and hope ir can befixed. Regards.

hi. the new update solved the issue. 

I beg you for a trial period extension. I wasn't able to try the software exporting images and now that I can, my trial expires in 5 days. 

Please, how can I increase the trial period so I can try the full featured it doesn't worked in the previous versions and it should?

I've reset your trial status, you should get the full 30 days again upon relaunching Kyno :)

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