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maximum activation reached

Reinstalled OS on my laptop and tried to reinstall kyno but the error message says 


Hi, could you send us the email address you used to register your license to We couldn't find any licenses under the email you used for this forum post. As it's personal information please put it i an email and I'll close this forum thread. Thanks!

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I also have that issue... and I put in a ticket days ago.. I like Kyno, but I can't continue to do my work if I can't license the product again.

There should be an automatic way to deactivate the licenses online on a webpage somewhere. This way we don't have to wait so long.

Sorry for the delay, we've replied to your original support request.

We plan on implement a self-service page on our website.

I post one ticket for the same problem but any solution from Kyno

Is there a self-service page yet? 

I'm having similar issues where I bought a 5-seat license and when I tried to activate the 5th, I got an error indicating there were no seats left even though I'd only previously activated 4 of them. 

Any (timely) help would be much appreciated. 


Hi Tommy, I'm afraid there isn't a self-service page yet. Just send us an email to support@ and we'll take it from there. I can only see 4 activated seats on your license so you should be able to activate one more.

Any progress on the self-service deactivate/activate online solution?

10 months to make a page to be able to use your product. Great Job Kyno. What another joke of a company

The situation is even worse in 2023/2024 with resetting a paid Kyno license. I submitted a ticket, a follow up ticket, and a question (i.e. contacted Signiant three times) in the last two months and my license was never reset. It's extremely frustrating. Have to do all previewing and logging directly in DaVinci Resolve which is awkward for the initial review of footage.

Kyno was great software. When Signiant bought the software, they have apparently run off with the money and licenses of the initial LessPain customers of Kyno.

New company should be called MorePain. If someone with the ability to reset licenses ever reads this, my license email is mzed at detoutefacon single-dot com.

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Agreed, it should be simple to decommission a license online and re-assign it to another device.
Thankfully, we just started with a small group. From what I am seeing here, it may be best to find another solution entirely. Or just utilize the tools we have.

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