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Import of Adobe Prelude projects


First, I just started the 30-day free trial of Kyno 1.8 to see if it will do what I need.  While I'm liking much of what I see, there are still a couple features I'd like to see. 

My first request is: 

I'd like to request the ability to import Adobe Prelude projects.

I have been using Adobe products since Adobe CS3, but got off the Adobe subscription bandwagon about a year ago when I switched to DaVinci Resolve 15.3 Studio (after evaluating the free version for a few months).  I (almost) haven't missed anything Adobe.

Unfortunately, I have been using Adobe Prelude on various projects to do sub-clipping (at least for the last 4 or 5 years).  It was nice to go through an event and be able to clip out the various sub-clips I needed (often overlapping sub-clips as multiple players/speakers/etc were on screen at the same time) and then simply assemble my main edit and/or "highlight reels" of one or more participants.

Prelude projects are stored as XML files that store (at least) the source file location, source file name, sub-clip name, various metadata about the sub-clip, in/out points, and duration(?, maybe it's calculated).  Basically, what Premiere imports (automatically) when opening files in that directory (where the Prelude project is located) are just pointers to the media files that are imported into the Premiere project media library as sub-clips.

Unfortunately, Prelude doesn't allow the ability to search other projects to create a "season's highlight reel".  This means I have no way to find sub-clips from other projects that I might want to use in my current project.

My need is that, with the additional features in Kyno, I would be able to (if I correctly understand how Kyno works) bring all of those sub-clips into a Resolve project as needed, after doing a search in Kyno.

This would be great because it would save me having to, at best, having to search each and every Premiere (or Prelude) project to find the necessary clips or, at worst, having to go through each and every event and RESELECT each and every sub-clip I might need.  A time consuming and mentally fatiguing prospect that would almost assuredly result in my missing at least some important clips.

Anyway, I though it would be relatively easy for Kyno to do a directory tree search for Prelude projects and then convert any sub-clip/metadata information into the equivalent Kyno file so that all of this information could more easily be found and used.

I realize that, since Prelude doesn't appear to have any substantive development in the last few years that Adobe probably has it on an end of life path (unless they get smart and begin to develop it into a DAM).  However, I'm sure that, at the least, Lesspain would be able to get Adobe users who are trying to use Prelude as a "free" (but very limited) asset manager, but don't want to have to face the "conversion" issue that I face.  At least they still have an active Adobe subscription (which I don't and don't want to have to get).

Heck, this feature alone would justify my purchasing Kyno.

Anyway, I hope this feature can be included relatively soon in an upcoming update.

Thanks for your time!


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Attached is a Prelude project file (.plproj).


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